American Elements specializes in producing high purity uniform shaped Tantalum Rod with the highest possible density and smallest possible average grain sizes for use in semiconductor, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processes including Thermal and Electron Beam (E-Beam) Evaporation, Low Temperature Organic ...

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Tantalum Products. We are a leading Manufacturer of tantalumwire, tantalumrod, tantalumpipes, tantalumsheet, tantalum grade pipes and tantalum grade bar from Mumbai, India.

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General Description: Tantalum was discovered in 1802 by A.G. Ekeberg in Uppsala, Sweden. Tantalum is a shiny, silvery coloured metal which is heavy, dense, malleable and ductile when pure.

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X-medics offers a wide selection of medical grade tantalum rods for manufacturing of tantalum pins / x-ray markers and other devices. The 3 feet (914 mm) long rods are made from metal on spool that are straightened and ground. A tantalum rod is a good option for a number of tantalum …

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Tantalum Our product range includes a wide range of tantalum rods, tantalum wire, tantalum sheet, tantalum pipe and tantalum rod.

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Tantalum Rod, Find Complete Details about Tantalum Rod,Tantalum Rod,Tantalum Rod And Tantalum Alloy Rods,Hot Sale Good Quality Tantalum And Tantalum Rod from Supplier or Manufacturer-Luoyang Advanced Refractory Metals Co., Ltd.

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Tantalum (Ta) is a refractory metal. Tantalum is quite soft compared to tungsten or even molybdenum. The density and melting point of tantalum lies between that of tungsten and molybdenum. Tantalum is often used in capacitors or other electronic devices and is often also used to alloy other metals.

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Tantalum Rod & Tantalum Bar Products Standard. All tantalum rod and bar (UNS R05200, UNS R05400), Ta-2.5W rod and bar (UNS R05252), Ta-10W rod and bar (UNS R05255) and Ta-40Nb rod and bar (UNS R05240) products can meet ASTM B365 for customer to choose.

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1.1 This specification covers unalloyed and alloyed tantalum rod and wire. 1.2 The materials covered by this specification are: 1.2.1 R05200, unalloyed tantalum, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt, or both, 1.2.2 R05400, unalloyed tantalum, powder-metallurgy consolidation,

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Tantalum and Ta-Alloys As a high melting point metal, Ta possesses a low vapour pressure and good electrical and thermal conductivity up to very high temperature. The advantages of Ta are excellent corrosion resistance, high high-temperature strength, good machinability and good biocompatibility.

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Tantalum rod products are widely used in navigation, aerospace, vacuum salt making, automobile industry, medical and sports, papermaking, textile industry, electric power industry, metallurgical industry, fertilizer industry, seawater desalination industry. Tantalum rod is also used to produce watch shell, computer shell and spare parts.

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Tantalum is a ductile metal. Tantalum has excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals except hydrofluoric acid. Tantalum metal has a melting point exceeded only by tungsten & rhenium. The melting point of tantalum is approximately 3017 degrees Celsius.

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Tantalum rod bar Note: 10" (254mm) gage length to 0.050"(1.27mm) diameter and 1" (25.4mm) or 2"(50.8mm) gage length over 0.050"(1.27mm) diameter. Applications. Using Tantalum rod, tantalum bar or tantalum tungsten alloy rods in Machinery and Chemical Processing.

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RNAi, Oligos, Assays, Gene Editing & Gene Synthesis Tools Oligos Tools. Eurofins MWG Operon Oligos Tool

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We manufacture rods made of niobium and tantalum in a lenght of up to two meters and in a diameter of 0.76 to 150 millimeters. Of course we are also happy to supply you a tailored niobium or tantalum rod.

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Tantalum Rod. Tantalum is a silvery metal that is commonly used in the aerospace, nuclear, and automotive industries. At Fine Metals, we offer tantalum in 99.95% purity. View more details on tantalum's Safety Data Sheet.

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Tantalum Rod/Bar are made of tantalum ingots. It can be used in the chemical industry and oil industry due to its corrosion resistance. SAM is a trusted supplier of tantalum rod/bar and we can provide customized tantalum products.

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Tantalum is a chemical element with symbol Ta and atomic number 73. Previously known as tantalium, its name comes from Tantalus, a villain from Greek mythology. [5] Tantalum is a rare, hard, blue-gray, lustrous transition metal that is highly corrosion-resistant.

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Tantalum Rod 1.5 mm 0.0593" dia - 914mm 3ft long - High tolerance - medical grade ASTM F560 ISO 13782 UNS R05400 Ta - Unannealed. The 1.50mm straightened wire rods are suitable for machining into radiographic x-ray marker pins or for RSA - Radiostereometric analysis.

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Aviation Metals, Inc. Charlotte, NC, United States Aviation Metals became the source for those who were looking for standard as well as unique "hard to find" items while not willing to sace quality service.

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Description: Tantalum tungsten is a high strength metal alloy. It has a high melting point, tension resistance and corrosion resistance. SAM's tantalum alloys are made using power metallurgy techniques by mixing tantalum powder with alloy elements and filling them into molds, compressing them at temperatures of up to 2000 bars, and then sintering them.

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Shell & Tube Tantalum Heat-Exchangers Hairpin Heat Exchangers Bayonet Heaters Heating/Cooling Coils Vessels, Columns and Accessoires Tantalum Service-/Repair parts Measuring Technology Components Semi-manufactured parts for the jewelry designer Tantalum Heat-Exchanger

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Tantalum Rod · Ta Rod. We stock the following tantalum rod product lines. Click on the product line number for prices, sizes and quantities. Tantalum Rod. Line number Material Dimensions Purity Description View/buy TA5509: Tantalum Rod 4.0 mm (diameter) ...

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Tantalum Rods. Tantalum Tubes. Pure Tantalum. Tantalum Crucible. Tantalum Round Bars. Nickel Strips. Beryllium Copper. Titanium Rods. Niobium Rods. Carbon Steel ASTM Flanges. Monel Round Bars. View More. Download Brochure. Popular Products / Services. Duplex Steel S32550 Plates. Get Best Quote. Monel 400 Plates. Get Best Quote.

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As one of the most professional tantalum rod manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're featured by high quality products and good service. Please rest assured to buy or wholesale bulk tantalum rod at cheap price from our factory.

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We manufacture tantalum rod, tantalum ingot, tantalum cylinder in length of up to 2m and in diameter of up to 120 mm. We also provide tantalum tungsten rods / ingots and tantalum niobium rods / ingots.

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TANTALUM ROD, WIRE, COIL. A favorite with chemical processing applications that require anti-corrosion characteristics is tantalum rod including the manufacturer of components for anticorrosion equipment. Outstanding refractory, anti-corrosion and biocompatibility properties make our tantalum wire a unique material for selected applications.

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Tantalum Rods and Tantalum Bars. Admat's tantalum rods are manufactured by cold rolling large diameter tantalum ingots into smaller diameters and performing intermediate anneals to recrystallize the metal before repeating the process. This process guarantees that the metallurgy of the rod is uniform.